A History of Grimsey Records
(as told by spunky intern Carl)

Andrea started Grimsey Records in 1994. At the time she was finishing up her geology degree and while on a research trip to Iceland, she visited the island of Grimsey, which had a striking yellow lighthouse on it. Somewhat as an homage to this magical island, it was decided that Andrea should start her own pop record label. Six years later and none-the-richer, Grimsey has 20 releases to date by almost as many different artists.

I had never heard of Grimsey before, but I scored the internship during the fall of 1999. I buttered her up by gushing over the Bomb Pops record and feigning great suprise when she revealed that she was indeed a member of the Bomb Pops. Later I told her some far-fetched story about my close friend and liason Q-Tip. She bought it.

Ironically, Andrea has a bit of a rep for being a slave driver, but as Grimsey's first intern, I can state that without a doubt this is completely undeserved. Those who know her as well as I do agree that in reality she's a real pushover. Aside from the occasional posting of a flyer, mostly what I do for Grimsey is sit around her place watching Pulp videos and petting her gorgeously sedate and fat cat Garth while she's out buying me cigarettes and chewy Spree candies. I steal all the Grimsey promos, and whenever she's off in Europe partying with our awesome Spanish artists I go through her Rolodex and prank call our distributors on her cell phone.

In early 2001, ever slick and dashing P. Durgin sweet talked Andrea back to the east coast, but instead of her beloved Massachusetts she set up camp in Buffalo NY. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but she took Garth with her. Andrea says that one day she's going to give me a big office and make me Vice President of Grimsey Records. I'm not holding my breath. For now, I'm just happy to "work" for a label whose releases continue to be among my favorite records. carl@grimsey.com