Other recent releases of note:

Stephanie Says - the long awaited solo debut from Stephanie Winter is called "Sex, Socialism, and the Seaside" - it contains a little bit of all of the above, and was featured in Minnesota Public Radio - read more here!

The Tucker B's "29 Serious Girlfriends" CD-EP -  Tasty rock and roll from Australia, we love it. Stay tuned for more information on the band, but until then, the curious amongst you can treasure hunt at www.tuckerbs.com
The Shebrews, CD-EP: comprised of Stephanie Winter (Zipperpuss, Legendary Jim Ruiz Group) and John Crozier (Ninian Hawick, Ninotchka, Seacreature, et al). IS SOLD OUT!

Also, just a warning that there are just a slim few of Stephen Brodsky's "Expose Your Overdubs" LP. Stephen's gentle home recordings are distinctly different from his work in the awesome rock band Cave In. This vinyl release features 5 bonus tracks not on the CD release from Magic Bullet. Clear vinyl, yum.

Please investigate the world of words, and sounds, and the sound of words, and all that. Flarf aside, it's time to get pre-post-new-brutalist with Kenning 20: The Audio edition, a 2 CD set lovingly collected for you by Mr. Patrick Durgin. You will hear Allen Ginsburg, Leslie Scalapino, Edwin Torres, many others ... and some sound pieces by John Crozier.