A summertime note from the Autumn Leaves!

Hats off to everyone who attended our shows at Nicollet Island and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts earlier this summer, we had a splendid time. The latter show, our notes echoing off Warhol's Brillo Boxes and Marilyn Monroe silk screen as children and go-go dancers alike swayed back and forth, my jangled nerves set into a mirthful state with the extra added help of the Chimay Ale(ambrosia from Belgium), Lori Wray's lovely voice on "I'll Be Your Mirror", the ghosts of The Factory crew making a momentary visit, a silver balloon flew by my head........ The harvest has begun on writing/recording new material for our next cd release, which will hopefully be out sometime in the next six months, until then I will sleep less. It will be a mixture of mega studio glossy production and more sparse home recordings. As a result of this, we are taking another break from live shows. We will be back in action, of course, this fall. The fairest of seasons. We also plan on putting on another Hullabaloo (our variety show based on the 60's tv show of the same name) this fall at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Hysteria. Until then, remember,our splendid summer's days won't end for a very long time.
Long time........Long time............Take Care, David Beckey c/o The Autumn Leaves, July 2000

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Welcome to the Autumn Leaves, a spectacular group from Minneapolis.

Leader David Beckey has been in an extensive portfolio of Minneapolis bands, including stints with the Sedgwicks and Glow, who released one single via Susstones records. Soon after that, he formed the Autumn Leaves and has since released two singles. The first, "When I Close My Eyes" b/w "The Sphere Of Ocean Tides," was released on Prospective Records in 1993. Jim Meyer of City Pages said the release was "almost too beautiful for seven inch vinyl."

The band's Grimsey Records debut (Grimsey 005), "You Didn't Say A Word (The Ballad of Plum Tucker)" b/w "Magic Red Raincoat," was released in November 1995. It skyrocketed up the charts at the University of Minnesota's KUOM, achieving an impressive number two! Both of these tracks appear on the band's full length release (September 1997), "Treats and Treasures."

The collection of new songs that comprises "Treats and Treasures" highlights a sterling melodic sensibility tinged with just the right dose of psychedelia, resulting in a quintessential collection of vital pop songs. (See: "When the Summer's Gone," "Why Must You Feel So Sad" and "Every Night")

The all star cast on the album includes Keith Patterson (The Funseekers, The Spectors) on bass, Matt Gerzema (Dearly, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group) on guitars and extra vocals and Steve Kent on the sticks. Local producer extraordinaire Bryan Hanna lent his able hand to the production duties, and the album rings with a crisp, clean sound classically influenced by greats like the Beatles, Hollies, and Byrds.

The Autumn Leaves have recently begun recording a new album. More updates to come from Grimsey HQ as the Leaves unveil their master plan of paisley attack!