"Recommended For Diversion Seekers"

A full-length cd compilation of singles, rarities, and previously unreleased tracks circa 1992-94.

Due to an incessant series of delays characteristic of the independent industry, much will be heard 'posthumously' from the Bomb Pops, although they are functionally out of circulation and have been for years. Active from Autumn '92 through Spring '94, the Bomb Pops - Bryan Hanna, Rick Durgin, and Andrea Troolin - made a subtle yet not untangible ripple in the world of indie-pop whilst keeping a low profile and playing just four fateful gigs in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Their songs appeared on a few scattered 7" singles by the Bus Stop, Audrey's Diary, Spin Art, and A Turntable Friend labels.

For more biographical information, see "Your Class" fanzine (France) and "Lazy Ways" fanzine (USA).

Tracklist: Hayley / Girl Daredevil / Moving Day Song / Cheery / Theme Guy / Decal / Love Me Nots / Paler / Riverside / Plastic Toy Gun / Won't Find It / Theme Guy remix / Goodnight, Now

"Cheery" is also included on "Do Not Fear the Future" Grimsey Compilation CD.

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"Recommended For Diversion Seekers" CD