Grimsey Records and our Beverly MA pals Dopamine records are proud to co-release a fabulous record by Stephen Brodsky, on lovely 12" vinyl. It seemed a worthwhile pursuit when we heard Stephen's amazing debut solo record "Expose your Overdubs" in the Rykodisc mailroom where we would all convene and talk music to avoid the doldrums of our daily jobs.

For those of you who aren't avid rockers, the young and talented Mr. Brodsky is the singer/songwriter of young metal-core heroes Cave-In (described as Slayer meets Radiohead -on Hydrahead records) Steve started Cave-In in 1998.

Amidst all this loudness, Steve has been recording solo songs on 4 track at home in Methuen, MA for quite sometime. Virginia's Magic Bullet Recording Co. released the "Expose Your Overdubs" cd in the summer of 1999, and it sold out quickly. Sounding somewhere between Jeremy Enigk, Elliot Smith and Robert Pollard, the songs are quiet, captivating and moving. Highly recommended, but of course we would say that.

This special limited edition vinyl release features 5 bonus tracks and is on CLEAR vinyl.

Tracklist: Pebble / Ilya Kurya / Moving Day / Lonesome Josephine / (Missing the Mark of) Love Song / Lions in the Morning / Piece of the Old / Unlawful Lullaby / Sore Throat / Inner Tube / Concrete Random / Timbre Tarnishes / Good to Know / Hit and Run


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