...an unabashed celebration of rampant furephilia.

Back in the dark days of 1999, even as we toiled nonstop in preparation for the worst, oiling the Grimsey windmills and hauling case after case of canned fruit cocktail and reasonably priced Minnesota bottled water into the Grimsey bunker, an idea was born. "If we make it through all this alive," we said, "if the center holds, if the banks don't fail, the government doesn't collapse, and the countryside isn't overrun by bands of bloodthirsty marauders, we shall release a compilation such as the world has never seen or heard, one suffused with love of the future and joy sweetness and light and all that."


The good news is: we made it. The better news is: it's out NOW! Fear not and perk up your ears, weary listeners!

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation benefit various local mental/people-oriented charities.


Seacreature: This is a piano piece from John Crozier. It works well when you are concerned there just isn't enough Erik Satie in the world.

Fan Modine: New York based the Fan Modine's enticingly thick and rich sounds have caused a radio ruckus on KUOM in our MN neck of the woods with the "Pageantry" single. Gordon Zacharias and Sean O'Brien preview a song off the upcoming Fan Modine full-length, "Homeland."

Ana D and Ibon Errazkin: This is a track recoded live on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" - on Ana's debut performance in the USA. It appears on "Livein Los Angeles on 88.9 KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" Ana D's straight-up beautiful vocals coupled with Ibon's (Le Mans) gentle guitar work make for pure ballad bliss en espa–ol.

Ailsa Craig is another of John Crozier's studio monikers, this post-pop track originally appeared on the Ninian Hawick "Steep Steps" EP (GR010). Some say it sounds like things being plugged in and out. Others think it sounds like swampy beats from another planet.

Le Mans: Le Mans' "Aqui Vivia Yo" has been the Grimsey #1 release ever since it came out. See what the fuss is about. The 4th album of this Spanish group is a voluptuous, original modern samba record. Genteel bossa for the now generation. coming soon from Grimsey will be a US issue of their 3rd album, "Saudade" - as well as Ibon Errazkin's s/t debut solo album. Check out their video "Cancion de todo va mal" on icast.com.

Pinback are Rob Crow and Armistead Smith. They are from San Diego and record for a label called Ace Fu Records. This track is generously on loan to Grimsey for the compilation. Other amazing songs like this can found on their debut s/t album. More info at www.acefu.com.

Departure Lounge are 3/4 from England and 1/4 from Nashville and contain Tim Keegan, Lindsay Jamieson, Jake Kyle, and Chris Anderson in their melodic lineup. They have their debut US album out on Flydaddy. All shows are played sitting down and we love them for that. This song was recorded impromptu.

The Waves: A bit of the CD "Flame a Little Brighter" featuring some members of the Hang Ups and some not. Fragmented, smart guitar pop with lots of melody.

The Autumn Leaves: the first new song to reach the public since their much beloved debut album "Treats and Treasures." (GR009) Flavored with psych-pop and the many moods of the 60's, the softer, acoustic sound of their new songs is summarized in this telling song title: "The Light Brigade of Fireflies Are Dazzling Midnight Suns."

Ninotchka: Finally on CD! This track features Amy Turany (of Astronaut Wife and February) and Mary Walz on vocals with instruments etc. by the Seacreature. Their one and only previous release on 7"vinyl is long sold out and still much beloved.

Bomb Pops: Taken from the Grimsey CD "Recommended For Diversion Seekers" (GR015), "Cheery" features the hopelessly exquisite and pretty lead guitar magic of studio superstar Bryan Hanna.

The Prismer - What can we tell you about the Prismer? Not much.

Moviestars were a local Mpls band until songwriter Bryan Loften (formerly of the Sandwiches) moved away to NY to begin work on his next album with Kramer.

This is our musical offering and definitive proof of the sweet future.

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