To hear some tell it, the notion of "public trust" is farcical. In this epoch of miscreant troves of information and even less subsequent and tenable knowledge, the dichotomy of populist and popular blurs into a unique entity. The public no longer needs a motto, they need a song. Behold NINOTCHKA: their playing personifies clarity of action and unabashed intent. But in actual fact, NINOTCHKA harkens back to pop's absolute value whilst eliding parochial nostalgist spittle, otherwise coined "credibility." And yet they may just shift your unit as well as a few of their own. A jilt to the elitist pop aesthetic of modern-rocking-jobbers everywhere, bound to recall the viability of the single record, NINOTCHKA is an indelible swatch on the pop music continuum, destined to build their own off-ramp from the outset. But as for now, whatever the popular medium has hopped u as a standard, otherwise vital episodes meander past in an unjustly imposed sort of neurasthenic lentor. NINOTCHKA's forthcoming Grimsey full-length ought to lend a unique knowledge to an undifferentiated mire of Morse divots and lumps. It's left to the people who generate ideas, not the digits which transmit the data.

And lucky for pop, you've never sideswiped a better boondock or sifted out such a tender chunk of moon rock. You've accrued, from the hinterlands of prettiness, a perforce anomalous treasure. Thus we bring you a new coat of wax for your wings!

personnel on the 7" "I've Got Wings" single:

Amy Jennings (nee Turany, formerly of the fine groups Astronaut Wife & February)
John Crozier (guitars and keys vis--vis Grimsey artists Ninian Hawick, the Hang Ups, Seacreature, and the Shebrews)
Mary Walz (vocals as she makes her Grimsey debut)
Bryan Hanna (drums as per Grimsey artists Ninian Hawick and Benito)