Lilting. Harmonic. Folk. Pop.

   String Builder is brothers Alec and Joel Thibodeau, who have sang and played music together from grade school onward. Though String Builder's performing lineup has shifted along with their geography, (appearing variously as a quartet, a trio, and a duo) the brothers eventually settled in Providence, RI in 1997. There, they found a vibrant music community and soon began playing regularly at local venues. String Builder recorded 4 songs with Pete Donnelly of the Figgs in August of 1998. The tracks from this session expanded the bands two-guitar / vocal harmony sounds with bass guitar, lap steel, and harmonica. The A-side, "Lake View" is from these sessions. George Howard (Slow River) recorded the b-side : "It's not the worst time I had" in November 1998.

Alec and Joel, brave souls that they are, traveled around the country via Greyhound bus on a mission called From the Curb. No one knows where they are now.